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Mick is a holistic organisational thinker able to bring about concepts that serve all involved in the life cycle of program delivery. His core values and uncompromising attitude to fairness and equality make him truly a great and humble leader in today’s corporate world. Pleasure doing all dealings with you Mick.

Serana Neve

– Green Dog Foundation Business and Organisational Development

The life coaching that you gave to me came along at the right time of my life. It helped me see some things in my life that needed to change. I had to have a look at some parts of life that I had to change. I have got out and am doing things for myself, traveling to Thailand and now planning a trip to China.You were accommodating working the coaching with my work and life. Was very friendly and easy to talk to and had some very good points that have help me to move forward. Thanks.
Scobie – client

– Recently divorced

I was approached by Michael to help address the personal situation I was in financially, and also holistically, to help me move forward and abolish feelings contained by wall of feeling powerless.

My biggest struggle was financially, how was I supposed to come up with an undisclosed amount of with the regards to property settlement as the result of a marriage breakdown? Finding the funds on a single wage while still supporting two children and servicing a mortgage I thought would be impossible. Michael offered ideas of support, using skills I already had, and ways of funding through my love of photography. This had potential to bring in some income. Somehow I had to save funds needed. It was when I mentioned that I had just paid out a credit card, and that my last child was finishing child shortly that Michael jumped in and asked how much I was then saving a week. He suggested opening a new account and banking those savings, this would get us to about 80% of where I needed to be. I have been successfully saving since.

This, along with Michael’s support gave me a feeling of ‘yes, things are possible’. Sometimes it just takes an outsider to see things a little differently or offer up alternatives. I found Michael to be supportive and empathetic, bringing his analytical skills obtained through his career in the army into everyday lives. A lot of things have happened since and I’m still dealing with issues, but know that I have the strength to meet challenges head on. And always in the background is this voice that said ‘how about this, that could work’.

Thank you Michael for being there through a really uncertain, stressful time and showing that there certainly is light at the end of tunnel, be it financial or personally.

Tanya – client

– Single mother of two, recently separated, mortgage and significant financial debt
Mick is a person who you always would like to have on your team, he is diligent, focused, disciplined and a strong leader, yet with a height of compassion and understanding. He is a highly intelligent professional who is trusted by his peers and clients to direct and teach them. I have enjoyed working closely with Mick and I am looking forward to many more years of collaboration, sharing and expansion. Thank you Mick for your genius mind.
Kelly Lowry
– Director, Business Strategist, Mentor and Inspirational Presenterat consciousentrepreneur.com.au