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This community page affords you – the leader -the opportunity to comment on posts, but more importantly to ask any questions you have regarding your own journey. Counter-intuitive to what many of us have been led to believe throughout our lives, we are all leaders. This is regardless of whether you are a CEO, leader, manager, business owner, entrepreneur, employee, or even just you the individual. If we do not believe we are a leader in our own right, how can we ever take charge of our own destines, or those of our teams, or businesses?

Importantly, with the vison of Igniting Leaders to Excel, TRANSFERENCE is mindful of the fact that if we do not tailor our products to meet the needs of our clients, we are not providing you, the client and member of the TRANSFERENCE community, the impeccable service that you deserve. As many of you have probably experienced, a number of services provide information on what they think you need. Although a tried and proven method of disseminating one’s message, I expect it is safe to say in many instances this information is not always relevant to you, or even usable.

The benefit of this interactive blog is in recognising the individual leadership inherent in each and every one of us, TRANSFERENCE acknowledges that we all have different needs. If you are ready for tangible change, as you have all indicated you are by interacting on this blog, post your questions, comments, and most importantly, what areas you, the community members, would like to see TRANSFERENCE blogs addressing. If you take control of your own destiny, then you can expect results unlike those previously thought possible. Allowing me to best serve you will facilitate this journey will not only make your educational journey targeted and focused, but it will also make the process smoother and faster. We can all picture the immense benefits in this with everyone being able to enjoy and immerse ourselves in the experiences and journey of all TRANSFERENCE community members, both now, and into the future.

I look forward to responding to your questions with enthusiasm and dedication. Remember, the impossible is possible, it just takes a little longer to get there…

What is Leadership ?

It would be safe to say that the definitions around what leadership is are endless. For example, Viscount Slim of Burma’s speech from ‘The Essentials of Leadership’ on the nature of leadership indicates:

“There is a difference between leadership and management. Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of personality and vision; its practice is an art. Management is of the mind, more a matter of accurate calculation, of statistics, of methods, timetables and routine; its practice is a science. Managers are necessary. Leaders are essential.”

Dee Hock, founder and CEO Emirates, VISA, comments:

“Control is not Leadership; Management is not Leadership; Leadership is Leadership”

Profound words from two profound individuals. But what does it all mean?

The common theme between both quotes is there is a difference between Leadership and Management. However, for many of us, these two roles appear to be intermingled. Regardless if this is true or otherwise, we must recognise the difference between leadership and management and be able to adapt our actions to suit each and every situation. If we do not, the results will often not be those we expected. Potentially even more harmful is when our team members that we lead, expected from us. Trust can be lost very quickly, friction points can appear(even if small in nature)and this can harmour goals, visions, profit margins and workplace cohesion.

This means we absolutely have to delineate between the two and be able to switch hats in an instant. With over 20 years of experience with leadership and management I would like to add my own definition – quite a simple definition, but one I am confident you will see is very powerful.

“Leadership involves people; Management involves processes. Managers do things right in every instance; Leaders do the right thing in every instance.” Mick Wright, The Driver of Excellence, TRANSFERENCE Founder and Lead Facilitator.
I look forward to your comments and questions to direct a deeper dive into the delineations I have provided above to best serve you, the client and community of TRANSFERENCE. Remember, the impossible is possible, it just takes a little longer to get there…