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become the catalyst for change.

About Mick


Mick Wright is the guy every leader would like on their team. He’s diligent, focussed, disciplined and a strong leader who gets results, yet with a height of compassion and understanding. Leaders, executives and individuals from all walks of life turn to Mick for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to transition from where they are now to where they ultimately want to be with clarity and confidence.

As founder of Transference he has been dedicated to researching, executing and working with individuals to help them find their flow, realise their goals and dreams and make the intangible tangible.

Through his experience and methodologies Mick guides those looking to create change but just don’t quite know how to make it happen. By partnering with you in an empathetic and compassionate environment, immediate and lifelong returns on your involvement will manifest.

Mick’s Experience

After over 20 years’ experience managing systems, leading people and delivering results within the Army, including 14 years’ as a data analyst,Mick knows what it takes to create change and build momentum within the clients he works with.

Mick is a self-professed driver of excellence and a passionate profiling strategist. He is a licenced Life and Business Coach and a Certified Practitioner of Meta Dynamics, Neuro Linguistic Programing and Deep State Patterning…tools he brings to the table when working with the clients he serves.

He’s also a member of The Coaching Institute Australia and International Coaches Guild.

Mick’s Passions

“My drive, resolve and determination centres on three core passions…the first, my family, being with them, supporting, seeing them grow as individuals and travelling – having different experiences with Cecelia and my two boys. Secondly, I am passionate about the work I do – making a meaningful difference that matters to those I work with. As a product of my product I know I am a living example of what can be achieved with the right direction, mindset and motivation. My third passion is centres around getting outdoors. I love the water, ocean and anything to do with it. So when I can I love nothing more than hitting the water for some boating, fishing and relaxation.”

Service Promise

With Mick and Transference coaching your expectations will always be exceeded andthe pathway to the greatness you deserve will reverberate through his service to you and the results you’ll experience.

So let’s get started, let’s create a legacy that transcends time…let the journey begin.

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